Privacy Policy & ToS

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Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

The main data the bot collects is related to servers, channels, emojis, and roles. The only user data collect is IDs, discriminators, user names, and other public information. We do not collect any personal or account credentials. Overall most data collect is public or accessable by server admins.

Why we need this data?

The data is required for the proper functioning of the bot features like warning system, logging, backups, etc. Without this data, our bot will not be able to perform a majority of its functions and thus making the features inaccessible for users.

How we use this data?

As previsously mentioned, the bot uses the collected data to run a majority of its functions. User IDs are used to identify the users, channel IDs are used to identify channels for sending messages or other actions, role IDs are used to give roles, etc.

How is the data stored and how long?

The data is stored as long as the bot requires it. Most of the time the bot will request data then uncache it after excuting the needed command. Some commands may require data to be stored in the cache for longer time periods or perminately. But the main way of data storage is the sqlite database the bot currently pulls from.

Who do we share the data with?

No one! Your data is completely sealed within our sqlite database on our private server. Only the ASP CEO can access the database and he never needs to. So, no one reads the data except the bot.

Got concerns or Queries?

If you have any concerns or queries relating our privacy policy please contact us via the support server.

Terms of Service

Introduction to Shadow Development

We are Shadow Development, a company that strives to make top quality products at affordable prizes. Shadow Bot is multi-pupose bot which has been created by the CEO, Agent BUB, on the 4th August, 2020 under the ASP Bot Project. For more info about Agent Squad™ Productions head to this site.

Legal Age

You may not use Shadow Bot or any of Shadow Bot's services if you're under 13 years of age, which is the age required to use Discord. If caught being underaged, We have full rights to ban you from our using our bot, its services, and your account will be reported to Discord's Safety Team.

Proper Usage

You may not abuse Shadow Bot or any of Shadow Bot's services in any shape or form. Using the bot in any malicious manner to harm or abuse others is strickly prohibitted. Any of this will result in a lifetime ban from using bot and other actions being taken if needed.


You may not use Shadow Bot or any of its services for any act that is against Discord, Shadow Development™ Productions, or the Bot's Terms of Service. If you are caught doing any such acts, we will ban you from using our services and report your account to Discord's Safety Team.

Changes to Privacy Policy and ToS

We have the full right to change, modify, or amend these ToS and Privacy Policy at anytime without notice. And all changes, modifications, and admendments will be enforced on publishing to the public website build unless stated otherwise.

Intellectual Property

Shadow Bot has been developed as a Shadow Development™ Prodcutions Project. All of its services are Copyrights and Intellectual Properties are owned by ASP. We know that some aspects of our bot are public use, but all private content are owned by Shadow Development™ Prodcutions.