Change Logs

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Latest Version [v4.0.0-stable]

What's New?

The majority of this update was to move the bot from Discordjs v12 to v13. Below is a list of the major changes.

  • Polished message delete & update logs.
  • Added react command.
  • Removed supremify command.
  • Added color info command.
  • Update poll command (emoji options).
  • Embed command revamped. There is now a simple & advanced creator. This allows for quick or more in depth embeds.
  • Ban command now can ban users not in guild.
  • New fields added to serverinfo such as banner link and accent color.
  • The ticket system transcripts has been fixed up to work smoother and provide a better look.
  • Other Changes

    Bug fixes across the board leading to short downtime or other crashes.

  • Moved commands in the "Others" catigory to "Util".
  • Moved poll command to message
  • Important Info

    With this being a brand new version of Discord JS there could be some bugs we do not know of at launch; however, we have done plenty of testing so everything should work fine. Please contact us in the support server if you find any bugs.


    What's New?

    In this update we have removed all pay-locked content. This means every command, limit, and restriction setup requiring users to pay for Shadow Bot Premium has been removed.
    We completely reworked the Ticket System. Now the setup runs a creation promot which will create a message users react to via clicking a button. All emojis were replaced with buttons within the ticket system.

    Other Changes

    Fixed some bugs in the, Ticket System and Reaction Role System.
    Made minor adustments to make things smoother with button interaction and general usage.

    Important Info

    We are aware of some issues with the new ticket system and are working to fix them. We also will be fully updating the bot to discord js v13-stable soon.

    Version 2.5.0 & Earlier


    We saddly do not have a complete record of any version older then v3.0.0. Most of the updates prior to this would've inculded commands such as reaction roles, backup system, etc.