What do you get with a custom bot?

You will be able to access everything Shadow Bot has to offer with your branding on it, so you can use the amazing features we offer and still have our bot match your style.

You will be able to have the name, logo, and description of the bot application customized to your liking. And we will give you a custom invite link for the bot that either you or anyone can use.

Everything will still be run on the Shadow Development server, so you will not have access to any files or the discord developer app. But you will be able to change the name / logo anytime you wish.

Please bear in mind that this is a monthly subscription, and not a one-time purchase. We do offer a few addon packages that give you more custom branding that are one time purchases. Check out this page for more info.

Subscribe now to get your custom Shadow Bot!

You can also go to https://shadowdevs.com/store/customshadowbot, or use the embedded page below.